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What is Regenerative Farming? 

REGENERATIVE FARMING:  A holistic agriculture and land management practice that uses diverse plant & animal species and various rotation practices to foster natural regeneration and maintenance of soil biodiversity and microbiome health.  As stewards of the land, regenerative farmers basically allow nature do its thing.  Turns out, nature does a great job of healing and taking care of itself.


If you're in a hurry...  (4 min)


Allen Savory / the modern day founder of holistic land management  (22 min)

A deep overview from Australia ...  (13 min)


Why is Regenerative Farming Important? 


For The Earth & Climate Conscious... 

Regenerative farming plays a big part in reversing mankind’s effects on climate change and prevents many environmental disasters we face today.


By letting nature do its thing, the need for synthetic chemicals: fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, etc., is eliminated. Ultimately, through regenerative farming: The soil has increased oxygen, releases less carbon, erodes much less and, most importantly, land desertification is reversed.


For The Health Conscious... 

This is the cleanest, most healthy meat you can buy, hands down, including organic

and traditionally grass-fed, and all without any food-labeling tricks (greenwashing).


It's higher in Omega 3, conjugated linoleic acid and antioxidants. Most importantly, there is no cumulative buildup of unnatural, toxic, or synthetic substances in the flesh,
NO: pesticides, steroids, antibiotics, hormones, fertilizer, etc.,
and no mRNAs.


For The Humane Conscious... 

The animals live a calm lifestyle of grazing, rooting, foraging, pecking andplaying in their natural environments and eating the foods they’re designed to eat. Factory-raised animals - which make up pretty much ALL the meat you eat at restaurants and buy at the store, including Whole Foods - live unnatural, fear-filled lives eating GMO, heavily pesticide treated & synthetic foods.

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