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Important Note About Products & Pickup:
Every product is designated either:  Quick-Pickup Item or Farm-Order Item

Quick-Pickup items are generally in our coolers but can run out.   To assure availability at the next Farmer's Market or other weekly drop-off locations, we recommend you order online.  Orders must be received before 5p the day before the market. 

Farm-Order items come directly from the farm and can take 2 weeks or so before they are ready for pickup. 

After ordering online, you will be asked WHERE you want to pickup.
We'll send a follow-up email after checkout to discuss your pickup details.

Beef Shares / Bulk

All beef products are hand butchered and come from regeneratively pastured, grass-fed/finished livestock that spend their entire life on one farm.
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For the most tender steaks, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND "wet aging" your steaks.  It's simple!




Just tuck the unopened steaks in the LOWER BACK of your fridge for UP TO 21 DAYS.


The longer the better.

When ready:  Remove the package and rinse the meat before seasoning and cooking.

EXCEPTION:  Filet Mignon - no aging is necessary.

Steaks come FRESH, NOT aged

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